Your Drumming Lessons Could Never Be This Exciting!

Best Drum Lessons in Melbourne

Whether you are a pro in playing drums or are just a beginner, you have just landed at the right place, Red Drum Music Studios. We offer a wide range of services when it comes to learning drums. If you live in Melbourne and want to take up drum lessons so that you can play like a pro, we are always here to guide you. In fact, we are one of the most diverse venues when it comes to drum education. Relaxed and low pressure, or intensely catered to the serious student. At Red Drum Music Studios, we are here to make sure you have a fun and thorough learning experience. with our drum teacher in Melbourne.

Our Vast Range of Services

Want to learn drums with personal supervision? At Red Drum Music Studios, we cater to all your wishes when it comes to private tuition. Here, we provide a dynamic teaching style that every beginner or pro will appreciate. In fact, if you wish to target any particular approach or technique, our instructors are skilled and always happy to guide you.

Our Teaching Staff Offer Outstanding Teaching Style

– Our aim is to work towards enhancing your expression and creative skills. – Lessons are very dynamic and easy for beginners to take up. – Our qualified, experienced and receptive teaching staff make learning a great experience. – Students, within our flexible boundaries, are also given the freedom to choose their direction and music focus. – Red Drum Music Studios strive to provide each of our students with a clean, relaxed, and supportive learning environment.


At Red Drum Music Studios, we believe a major component and key to unlocking the mysteries of an instrument is through active involvement in ensembles. So, we are currently in the process of building a range of snare drum, percussion and contemporary groups for students to expand their involvement and enjoyment of playing music.

Catering to Growing Demands

Our learning paradigm includes detailed exploration of snare drum, kick drum & foot technique, mixed musical styles, fills, phrasing, posture, kit set up, tuning, and dynamic control. We aim to build an understanding of musical form, reading music notation, as well as preparation for performing in a band environments and communicating with other musicians. These are just some of the widely requested elements we cover.

Our Talented Instructors

Red Drum Music Studios have a group of talented, highly skilled, active and qualified teachers. Our qualified team ensure you have a pleasant learning experience all throughout, be it a beginner or a pro raising his skill to the next level, our teachers provide equal attention to every student. Above all, we are experienced performers and composers of original music and bring the same energy, involvement and creative passion into the instructional context. You will undoubtedly always have an unwavering commitment from our faculty in reaching your goals.

The Brain

The benefits of music education on brain development are being widely recognised around the world in contemporary neurological studies. More recently, the benefits of drums specifically are becoming increasingly known and considered in fundamental educational platforms and frameworks. As well as the capacity for playing music to assist in stress and anxiety relief, improved attention span and problem solving, drumming is one of the most effective ways of improving motor neuron connections, right/left brain function, spatial awareness, coordination and even social awareness skills when undertaken and applied in ensemble environments. You simply don’t need to worry about your age when joining us. All age groups who would love to take some music lessons are welcome. Equipment is supplied so you don’t need to worry about providing your own. Along with this, if you wish to prepare for auditions and recital, we are here for you 100% at Red Drum Music Studios. All studios are air-conditioned for comfort.

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